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Post  Stee on Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:21 am

Time zone: GMT (UK)

- Race: Very lanky

- Level 75 jobs: RDM, PLD, THF, DRK, MNK, WHM

- Job you prefer to come to einherjar as: I think you will want me on RDM, until you need me to zerg on DRK, or does TH4 work?

- Subjobs avaible: NIN, WAR, BLM, SMN

- Cop/Zilart/AUM you're currently on: COP & ZM complete, but AU is a very long way off...

- Your Experience with Einherjar, if any: I have run with a NA Einherjar ls a few times, but I dont know much about the event in terms of how we unlock Odin etc

- Other Current Linkshells: Europa, Wabbits, ProtoStoleOurBikes, LordsOfLumoria, Circusfreaks

- Merits: RDM, THF, PLD have the most merits (you can see them on

- Any Current EUnherjar members you may know: everyone? lol

I know I havent been on FFXI lately, but I need something new to motivate me to start playing again!


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